As various technical innovations appear, a person's way of life becomes maximum comfortable and simple. Modern technologies allow to make the house bright, warm and to furnish with various engineering systems that require time and even special knowledge to be managed. “Smart house” combines all technical systems of the house and makes their management easy and comfortable. No matter where you are, you may have full control over your house due to the security system. This system includes protection against water leakage, gas leakage, security and fire alarm, video surveillance.

Another advantage of the "smart house" is that it both makes your life comfortable, and saves resources. The system by itself switches the heaters to energy-saving mode or turns them off when the temperature changes outside, turns off the lights, TV or music when you are not in the room. You no longer have to worry about not turning off the electrical appliances when you leave the house. You may turn off all electrical devices by lodging in the system via mobile phone and pressing one button.