Exterior – is an architectural visual appearance and design of the building that creating pleasant aesthetic impression. Tailor-made finishing materials are of great importance here and they have decoration and protector function. The type of finishing depends on the client’s requirements and capabilities,  also on the foundation and load-bearing properties of walls, thus some materials significantly increase load on bearing constructions.


Building façade – is trademark of the building. A person can have an idea about the interior of the house and its holders by looking on façade without looking inside. 

Therefore, he/she wants his/her house to be nice both from inside and outside. This problem can be solved by the façade design, more specifically, its project design. Let’s search what does it mean.

Project design of façade – is aiming complex service to establish new architectural image for the building. Helps to shorten time for the search of proper design solution, also to set up the problem and its way of solution. This fastens the process of façade establishment and prevents unnecessary problems. Even if you know what you want as a result, this is not enough. Detailed design is required for not delaying work and to achieve the intended result.

Let’s find out the sequence – where starts façade project design from and how it ends. 


Unlike architectural work, the exterior can be prepared not only before starting construction, but also for an existing building.
That is, thanks to the work on the external design, it is possible to change the appearance of an already built house.