Building a house from scratch is a very complicated process and it requires certain professional knowledge and skills. In order to perform all the works as quality as possible it is necessary to get acquainted with all stages of construction of the house closely.

Building a house from scratch on a turnkey basis is one of the most required services today. This service allows you to get your private cottage in a short time and reduce your financial costs significantly. Today, owing to the modern building materials, it is possible to build structures that comply almost with all the wishes of customers.

The construction of the foundation of the house from scratch begins with the preparation of the site. The area should be cleared, the topsoil to be removed, and then the surface should be levelled. The next stage is to install metal columns along the entire perimeter at a distance of about 1 meter from the future trench. Then earthworks are carried out and trenches are excavated. If water accumulates in the trenches, it is removed with the help of a special drainage system or drainage canals are excavated beforehand.