Interior -  is a design field that is directed to the internal appearance of the building with the aim of providing pleasant interaction of comfortableness and environment with people. Interior design incorporates artistic and industrial design. Designer fulfils labour optimization in the building, improves navigation within bigger areas, draw out décor of special rooms on the basis of the client’s requirement.  Designer operates all interior design processes starting from planning, lightning, ventilation systems and acoustic of the building up to placement of furniture and installation of navigations signs.



The main features of Neoclassicism which is created in Italy in 16th century are lightness, elegance and straightness. Neoclassicism has peculiarities of addressing to antiquity. Neoclassicism gives attraction to the minimalist simplicity of lines distinguished only by classic softness and not supporting overloaded stylistic elements.

Fields pass from one to another in the space created by this style. For example, view from the corridor or hall opens towards the dining room and other rooms. Monochrome colours create peaceful spirits. Overloading with flower ornaments in this style is inadmissible. In neoclassicism style, fine shaped furniture perfectly combines with fine colour schemes and creates harmonic general view within the room decoration. 



This is a fashioned style showing that home interior leans to perfect and clear borders and simple colour palette and probably, glass and steel materials were used.

Design emphasizes each element and simplicity of furniture in modern style. There is no irregularity, disorder or any hastiness in this style. The main word that we can use while describing modern style is “Smooth”.



Classic style design of interior has always been and will be in fashion. Different countries have their own national interpretations of classic style, however, nevertheless this stylistic conception has main characteristic features. Aristocracy combined with comfort and cosy home atmosphere is the characteristic feature of apartments designed in classicism style. To make classic design-project is not within the budget of everybody, as furniture and accessories of natural materials are used in this style.