“RMK Construction” company carries out all types of construction works from design preparation to landscaping and holds responsibility for the quality of each stage. Compliance with standards, construction norms and rules is a guarantee for the strength, durability and safety of the building.


Facility construction stages:

  • Drawing up a project. At the initial stage, the architecture, planning and other nuances of the rooms, engineering systems are determined. You can choose a standard project from our electronic catalogue, make changes to it or order an individual project, which will be prepared by the designers considering your wishes.
  • Laying the foundation, building the walls, installing the roof. The works are carried out on the basis of calculations conducted. This ensures the strength, reliability and safety of the building structure.
  • Installation of engineering networks, equipment. An important requirement is to save energy. Our experts will choose the option that allows you to achieve excellent results at minimum price.
  • At the last stage, the outward appearance of the house, comfortable conditions are created.